Group at a glance

Joint-venture entity (Assmang)




Iron ore

Manganese ore and

Chrome ore
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Type of operation    
  • Mining, crushing, screening and dense medium jigging of ore
  • Mining, crushing, washing and screening of ore
  • Smelting of ferromanganese
  • Production of refined ferromanganese
  • Mining, crushing and concentrating of ore
Iron ore is mined in the Northern Cape in open-cast operations at the Khumani Iron Ore Mine which is located near Kathu in the Northern Cape and at the Beeshoek Iron Ore Mine which is located outside Postmasburg. The ore produced is sold both on the export market and locally. Various grades of manganese ore are mined at the Nchwaning and Gloria mines, located in the Black Rock area of the Northern Cape province and manganese alloys are produced at the Cato Ridge Works in KwaZulu-Natal and at the Machadodorp Works in Mpumalanga. Cato Ridge Alloys, a joint venture with Japanese partners, produces refined ferromanganese at the Cato Ridge Works. Feed for the Cato Ridge Works is derived mainly from Assmang’s manganese mines. The ore and alloy produced are both sold on the export market and locally. Chrome ore is mined at the Dwarsrivier Mine near Lydenburg in the Mpumalanga province. The ore produced is sold both on the export market and locally.
Attributable profit/(loss) R million    
2013 2013 2013
R2 578,6 million
2012: R2 917,8 million
R413,6 million
2012: R611,6 million
(R67,2) million
2012: (R87,4) million
Contribution to group revenue    
2013 2013 2013
R7 981,5 million
2012: R7 661,8 million
R3 725,1 million
2012: R3 214,5 million
R938,3 million
2012: R1 186,9 million

Subsidiary companies




Chrome ore

Chrome ore

(see here) (see here) (see here)
Type of operation    
  • Mining and concentrating of ore, open cast and underground
  • Concentrating of chrome ore tailings
  • Mining and beneficiation of Wonderstone, and manufacture and installation of ceramic and filtration products
Chrome ore is mined near Rustenburg in open-cast and underground operations and production is supplied mainly to the local market. The company has recently commenced commercial production from one of two planned decline shafts, with the other shaft expected to be commissioned in the 2015 financial year. The underground operations will replace the existing opencast operations. Chrome ore tailings are processed at the Zeerust Chrome Ore Mine, located in the vicinity of Zeerust in the North West province. The company mines a type of pyrophyllite which, for trade purposes, is referred to as Wonderstone. The bulk of the material mined is beneficiated to produce highprecision components manufactured to customers’ specification and are exported to the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the Far East. The company also produces a range of wear- and acid-resistant tiles and ceramic products used mainly for chute liners in the local mining industry. These tiles are also installed on a project basis in certain cases. Wonderstone is also being used in industrial filtration solutions.
Attributable profit/(loss) R million    
2013 2013 2013
R(3,6) million
2012: R17,5 million
R(3,2) million
2012: (R53,4) million
R(12,3) million
2012: (R8,9) million
Contribution to group revenue    
2013 2013 2013
R173,9 million
2012: R203,3 million
R33,3 million
2012: R54,4 million
R71,2 million
2012: R74,3 million



Type of operation    
  • Marketing, sales and shipping of ores and alloys (see here)
  • Marketing of minerals and alloys in USA (see here)
  • Operational management, exploration and technical adviser (see here)
Ore & Metal Company Limited is responsible for the marketing, sales and shipping of all the group’s products, including those produced by the three divisions of Assmang. Strong relationships have been established with customers in Europe, North America, South America, India and the Far East. Minerais U.S. LLC is responsible for marketing and sales administration of the group’s products in the USA, in particular manganese alloys, and trades in various related commodities. African Mining and Trust Company Limited is technical adviser to Assmang and other group companies and provides operational management to group mines and plants.
Attributable profit/(loss) R million    
2013 2013 2013
R275,9 million
2012: R254,6 million
R5,6 million
2012: R5,9 million
R139,1 million
2012: R147,6 million
Contribution to group revenue    
2013 2013 2013
R481,0 million
2012: R458,5 million
R725,7 million
2012: R777,1 million
R401,3 million
2012: R377,2 million