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  Carrying amount of the liability relating to the equity participation rights (EPRs) expense arising from cash-settled, share-based payment transactions during the year, using the Monte Carlo valuation technique 2 648  3 752 
EPRs are granted to certain non-managerial employees of the group in terms of the Assore Employee Trust (AET) share-based payment scheme. The number of EPRs allocated in a particular year is based on 10% of the employee’s annual salary on the date of the allocation, relative to the Assore share price. The growth in the value of the ERPs and resultant cash payment is linked to the Assore share price on the date of the payment. This value is reduced by the outstanding balance of the notional debt allocated, which is calculated as the value of the Assore share price on the date that the EPRs were first allocated. The notional amount attracts interest at a rate linked to the prime rate, reduced by 22% of the value of the dividends declared on the Assore shares included in the EPR allocations. The EPRs vest after one year of service rendered by the employee and are settled after 10 years after the initial allocation date.

The number of rights that have vested to date amount to 108 858 (2014: 51 323), and have a combined intrinsic value of Rnil (2014: R1 417 000), due to the Assore share price at year-end of R103,50 (2014: R356,66) being less than the sum of the notional debt and accumulated interest thereon.

The following assumptions were used in determining the fair value of the EPRs:
  dividend yield, between 3,59% and 3,72% (2014: 1,21% and 2,44%)    
  expected volatility, between 40,74% and 42,02% (2014: 38,39% and 39,54%)    

risk-free interest rate between 5,50% and 9,00% (2014: 5,25% and 8,90%)