2015  2014 
    Rí000  Rí000 



  Carrying amount at beginning of year 609  789 
  Amortisation for the year (180) (180)
  Carrying amount at end of year 429  609 
  Carrying amount at beginning and end of year 25 733  25 733 
    26 162  26 342 
  Goodwill represents the excess attributable on the acquisition of a majority stake in an offshore entity prior to 2005, as well as on the acquisition of Groupline Projects Proprietary Limited in 2011, both of which have been assessed for impairment at the date of the statement of financial position. The directors are of the opinion that the goodwill recognised will be recovered in the form of future cash flows anticipated from each of the entities and is therefore not impaired.    
  Goodwill arises from the cost of the following entities:    
  Minerais U.S. LLC 1 418  1 418 
  Groupline Projects Proprietary Limited 24 315  24 315 
  As above 25 733  25 733