2015  2014 
    R’000  R’000 



Holding company
  Maximum# amount in addition to the R450 million in restricted cash payable for the acquisition of Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine (Dwarsrivier) (refer note 8) 800 000  – 
  Guarantees issued to bankers to secure short-term export finance* 180 000  180 000 
  Guarantees issued to the Department of Mineral Resources for rehabilitation required on the group’s mines 21 160  21 160 
  Performance guarantees issued to third parties by subsidiary companies 4 370  4 152 
    1 005 530  205 312 
# In terms of the agreement with ARM to acquire its 50% of Dwarsrivier, Assore has agreed to refund Assmang for Dwarsrivier’s capital expenditure and working capital requirements, effective from 1 July 2014. This amount will be decreased by the profits after taxation (increased for losses after taxation) recorded by Dwarsrivier until the necessary conditions precedent (CPs) are met in order for the transaction to be completed.
* The facility is primarily utilised for and on behalf of Assmang in which the group holds a 50% interest and which in turn has provided a back-to-back guarantee against any claims made by bankers in terms of this facility. The facility was unused at year-end.