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Group profile


Financial Highlights

The group’s principal investment is a 50% interest in Assmang Limited (Assmang) which it controls jointly with African Rainbow Minerals Limited (ARM).The group, through its various joint-venture entities and subsidiary companies, is involved in the mining of manganese, iron and chrome ores together with other industrial minerals and the production of manganese and chrome alloys.The group is also responsible for marketing all products produced, the bulk of which is exported and the remainder either used in the group’s beneficiation processes or sold locally.
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Chairman's review


Global footprint

In October 2008, the extent of the world economic turmoil became apparent, with demand for carbon and stainless steels plunging, seriously impacting the prices and sales volumes for all of our divisions . . .

I cannot recall a financial year in Assore’s history where the trading conditions in the constituent half-year periods have been so markedly different. Breaking these periods into fiscal quarters further crystallises the results of the group in relation to trading conditions experienced during the year under review.
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Assore Limited
(Assore) is a mining
holding company
engaged principally in
ventures involving base
minerals and metals.