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Strategic objectives

Key performance indicators

Key performance indicator


Recorded net profit for the year

Financial highlights and Chairman’s review

Tonnages sold (per segment) and regional concentration of customers

Operational review and commentary

Sustainable exploitation of mineral deposits

Risks and opportunities and Mineral Resources and Reserves

Compliance with the requirements of the Mining Charter, specifically those pertaining to black economic empowerment (BEE)

Refer “Black economic empowerment status report

Ongoing improvement in the group’s safety record

Sustainability report

In order to achieve the KPIs, management’s understanding of the characteristics of the orebodies, the logistical arrangements across the range of the group’s commodities, and the configuration of the works in combination with customer requirements, both local and offshore, are all essential requirements to ensure consistently excellent results. It is essential, therefore, that sufficiently experienced staff manage these issues as efficiently as possible in order to maximise value for all of the group’s stakeholders. In consequence, appropriate remuneration policies and targeted incentivisation aligned with the group’s long-term strategies and needs to be continually reviewed.