Corporate Social Responsibility

At Assore, our dedication to ethical and responsible operations goes beyond mere compliance with legal obligations. We take into account the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our activities, striving to make a positive difference in every aspect of our business.

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t just about meeting regulatory standards—it’s about embodying ethical business practices and actively contributing to the betterment of our communities and the environment.


The Proposal Consideration Panel (PCP) is Assore’s donations committee made up of a panel of 9 volunteers from various departments within the organisation.

PCP’s role is to evaluate and assess donation proposals (CSI) submitted to Assore and assess their quality, feasibility, and alignment with the organization’s sustainability goals. Since its inception in 2020, PCP has received over 220 proposals and approved donations to 60 Non-profit organisations within the Assore areas of operation focusing on education, health care, conservation, enterprise development, hunger relief and IT & technology.

Corporate Social Investment Projects


Transformers is a comprehensive intervention aimed at transforming perceptions of Mathematics while enhancing literacy skills from Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs) to Grade 3.

Utilizing level-based workbooks tailored to each student’s proficiency, it lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Teacher training ensures effective instruction, while literacy interventions support ongoing reading and comprehension development.

10 Primary Schools and 10 ECDs

Additionally, the program fosters youth development through the Educator Assistant program, empowering local youth to contribute to their communities while advancing their own academic and professional growth.

Implemented in 10 Primary Schools and 10 ECDs in the Ngwaabe & Mashishing Districts of Limpopo, Transformers promises to revolutionize mathematics education and literacy skills across the region.

Soul Food

In the battle against hunger, Soul Food, funded by the Boleng Trust, expands its reach by having established two new branches in the Northern Cape and Limpopo.

Operating in Assore’s host communities, including Ngwaabe/Steelpoort, Kathu, and Kuruman, Soul Food provides essential food support to Early Childhood Development Centres, Schools, and community centers.

>1.5 Million meals delivered

As the flagship project of the Soul Provider Trust, Soul Food prioritizes feeding the hungry, with a special focus on school children and students. The new branches aim to distribute 200,000 meals per region per month, comprising fortified POWA Pack porridge, POWA Loda casserole (in Beef & Chicken Flavors), and other fresh food sources.


In an attempt to address the academic challenges of the John Taolo Gaetsewe district in the Northern Cape, the Boleng Trust approved funding for the establishment of a Leap School of Excellence in the Moffat Mission in Kuruman.

The eighth edition of the Leap Science & Mathematics school aims to instil all-round excellence and life preparedness to guide young people towards successful future choices with a focus on mathematics, science and English.

63 Students Enrolled

LEAP 8 School provides low-fee education with a focus on mathematics, science and english. Additional programmes run on Saturdays and holidays to the Grade 8 & 9 learners. Furthermore the learners actively engage in self-awareness and confidence development which creates a holistic approach to education and development.

Our history

Since 1928, we've been developing and contributing to industry, communities, and economies worldwide.

Who we are

Assore is a mining holding company engaged principally in ventures involving the mining, processing, and marketing of a range of ores, minerals and metals in several countries.

What we do

Assore wholly owns and operates small, medium-sized mines with Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine and Wonderstone Mine. Assore provides technical input and operational support for various mining operations in the Assmang group.


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